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Cuba Marriage Visa (USA)

US citizenship entitles you to get a marriage visa to marry your Cuban spouse and sponsor his/ her application for marriage immigration to America. Applying for a marriage visa and preparing for marriage immigration can be a time consuming task and you will need to be organized particularly with your US documents. To qualify for a spouse visa you must fulfil these basic criteria:

• You must be an American citizen or legal permanent resident aged 18 years or over

• You must be able to prove that you are financially independent and able to support your Cuban spouse and any dependent children

• You must be able to prove that you have adequate housing where you, your Cuban spouse and any dependants can live

When you get married to your Cuban fiancee you can legalize your Cuban marriage in the USA.

Getting Ready for Marriage Immigration

Before you leave the US, you need to prepare for your marriage immigration. You should go in person to your local Registrar of Marriages to obtain a Single Status Affidavit. This certificate can be prepared by the American citizen services at the US Embassy in Cuba.

You will also need an original or certified copy your Birth Certificate.

If you have been married before you must produce one of the following documents to support the Single Status Affidavit:

  • If divorced, you will need your Divorce Decree
  • If widowed you will need your Certificate of Marriage and Death Certificate of your previous spouse

The next thing to do is prepare a document stating the names of the Cuban and US spouse, full names of parents – living or deceased, home address, occupations, level of education and nationality. Attach the photo page of your passport to this sheet.

The photocopies all the aforementioned documents should be faxed to your hotel 3 weeks prior to your arrival in Cuba. On arrival, you should carry all the original documents.

Changing Your US Documents

When official documents issued in the USA are to be used in Cuba, they need to be “authenticated” and “legalized “in order for them to be valid there.

The first thing you need to do is get your documents “authenticated” by the Cuba Embassy in the US . The purpose of the authentication process is to prove the validity of the documents issued in the US. If not previously authenticated by a Cuban Consul in the U.S., the U.S. documents must be legalized in Cuba by the Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The last thing to do is to get your documents translated into Spanish and “legalised” by the US Embassy in Cuba. After that your documents acquire legal validity in Cuba.

Documents in Need of Legalization for Marriage in Cuba

  • Single Status Affidavit
  • Divorce Decree (if relevant)
  • Former spouse’s Death Certificate and previous marriage certificate (if relevant)
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Name change certificate (if relevant)
  • Your US passport cannot be legalized as it is already an internationally recognized document. You must however have photocopies of the ID and bio page notarized as true copies of the original.

Cuba Visa Requirements

As a US citizen who wants to visit Cuba for a period up to three months, you do not need a visa. You must make sure that your passport is valid for at least one month after the planned visit to Cuba. Also, you must get a tourist card, which authorizes you to stay 90 days in the country. If you are flying with a US airline, your Cuban tourist card is included in the cost of your air ticket and it will be given to you on board of the plane. If you are flying with a Cuban or any other airline, you’ll have to purchase a Cuban Tourist Card from them prior to departure to Cuba. They are available at your airline check-in counter. You can also fill out a tourist card application form and purchase this card from the Cuban Embassy and Consulates in the US. For a stay of more than 90 days, you can request an extension of another 3 months at any tourism office in Cuba, for a maximum stay of 6 months.

Once you have prepared all relevant documents and you have a valid US passport, you may make arrangements to fly to Cuba to join your spouse.

Getting Married in Cuba

You may decide to marry your Cuban bride in the US, however, getting married in Cuba is an inspiring experience and relatively straight forward providing you are organized and ensure that you and your Cuban spouse have the correct documentation.

Under both US and Cuban Marriage Law, only the civil registration of your marriage will be recognized as legal and only a legal marriage will allow you to bring your Cuban spouse back to the US.

The legal age for marriage in Cuba is 18, and anyone under 18 years of age must obtain written consent from her parents or guardians. This should be given personally and in writing in front of the local civil registrar officer. Alternatively, it can be in the form of an affidavit made in the presence of two witnesses.

There are no requirements in Cuba for foreigners to have lived there for a specific period of time before getting married, so you can get married immediately upon arrival if the paperwork is in order.

The first step in planning your wedding in Cuba is to go to the city hall or registrar with your Cuban spouse and apply for a marriage license. You should take your passport and all of the documents you brought with you from the US. After you get your marriage license, you can arrange for the ceremony itself. Before you fix the date, keep in mind that civil weddings are the only types of weddings recognized in Cuba, and they can only be performed on weekdays.

Document Check: US Spouse

  • Original Single status Affidavit issued in the US or by the US Embassy in Cuba. It must not be older than three months from the date of issue
  • Original valid US passport
  • Original Birth certificate
  • Original death certificate of deceased spouse if widowed
  • Original divorce decree or annulment papers if divorced
  • Document stating the names of the spouses, full names of parents – living or deceased, home address, occupations, level of education and nationality

Document Check: Cuban Spouse

  • Original Single status Affidavit.
  • Original Passport or ID card
  • Original birth certificate
  • Original death certificate of deceased spouse if widowed
  • Original divorce decree or annulment papers if divorced
  • Document stating the names of the spouses, full names of parents – living or deceased, home address, occupations, level of education and nationality

After your wedding, your Marriage Certificate will either be given to you before you leave or couriered to the home address on your documents. Your marriage is legalized by the US embassy in Havana and the Cuban Foreign Affairs department. Marriage to your Cuban fiancée does not automatically qualify you for Cuban nationality; you should also be aware that Cuba is not a country that recognises dual citizenship.