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Legalizing Your Foreign Marriage in Canada

Legalizing your foreign marriage in Canada is of prime importance when you and your foreign wife return back here. As far as Canadian Marriage Law is concerned, providing you were legally married in the country named on the Marriage Certificate your marriage abroad will be recognised as legal in Canada. A foreign wedding ceremony without the official civil registration of the wedding is not considered legal and it is your responsibility to prove that your marriage is official. Your wedding will also be recognized if you are only married to one person at a time.

You do not need to register your foreign wedding with the Canadian authorities when you return but if you do feel more secure doing this, send a copy of your foreign marriage certificate to the Registrar in the province where you live. If the document is not in English or French it must be translated and notarised.

Marriage certificates along with birth certificates, death certificates and name changes are the responsibility of the Registrars of Vital Statistics. There is a Registrar of Vital Statistics located in each Canadian province.

If you are getting married to your foreign bride in Canada, you have to fill out an application for a Canadian Marriage License. You then have to file it at your local Registrar’s office in the province where you intend to get married to your foreign bride. You and your foreign bride must bring along valid ID with your age on and evidence of your legal status in the country (e.g. a permanent resident card or other immigration document, a citizenship card or a birth certificate). Once the Registrar’s office have processed your Marriage Licence application it will be valid for three months. You and your foreign bride must get married here within this time frame.

Once your wedding has taken place , whoever solemnized your Canadian marriage will mail your marriage license to the Registrar General in the province where the marriage took place. Ten weeks later your marriage will have been registered and you will be sent a Record of Solemnization of Marriage. When you have this document you can apply to the Registrar for your Canadian Marriage Certificate.